Monday, January 12, 2015

FW190A-5 Hans Philipp "Minke Pinke"

Just in case you haven't been checking out this build over on WorldWarII here are some more progress shots of Minke Pinke.

RLM74, 75, 76 sprayed on using Vallejo Air. I used various darkened and lightened shades of each colour to add tonal variation to the paint scheme. This is meant to show how the paint scheme would change in colour as a result of being subjected to the elements. As the rule goes alway work from dark to light colours. Experienced modelers have been doing this for years so my technique is not new. Some call it the 3 layer blend technique but its not new either. It's bit hard to see due to the gloss coat but you can see a better example of what I am talking about by looking at the third picture of the underside of the aircraft. Here you can see a bit the varying colours inside and around the panel lines. I never use paints straight out of the bottle.

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