Friday, December 2, 2011

Panther 214 Stoumont Dec 16, 1944

Here is an update on the Uscha. Rech's Panther 214 I was doing back in 2010 but never quite finished. I removed the original Magic Tracks and put on a new set of DS tracks and replaced the idler with the correct 655mm larger Idler that was actually on Panther 214. I had originally hand painted the camo scheme but with some new information and the new Panther book from Canfora  in hand I took a stab at spray painting the camo scheme on. In order to get the tight pattern of the camo I had to do multiple passes with my my airbrush. I did not use any masks during the painting process. For the basecoat I used my Iwata AB with a .35mm needle while for the camo I used my badger AB with a .20mm needle which gave me tighter control of my lines and minimized the over spray. The turret took 3 hours to paint and hull about 2 hours.

Here are some shots of the new paint scheme. I had originally weathered the road wheels in  my first attempt. The next step will be to add the decals and weathering of all surfaces.

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