Monday, November 1, 2010

Not all MG34 barrels are made alike

As part of my build log on the Panzer IIIN with winterketten that I am doing over on Track link I decided to add an Adler's nest High Definition MG 34 Barrel for the bow MG.  I must say that this part is truly a work of art. While it is expensive (the price being 1800 yen or ~USD$23) it is in a class of its own for dead on accuracy with the real thing. Adler's Nest makes these barrels with two finishes, a steel blue version (this one) and a brass version.

1.The base of the barrel has what I would call an octagonal plate that joins the armoured sleeve.
2.The muzzle flash suppressor is flared out at the end with thin walls and a wide opening just like the real thing.
3.The sleeve has notches on it as in the real barrel.

Compare this with the Dragon or any other after market barrel and it wins hands down for accuracy. I have included the Dragon kit part to show the difference.